CES Attendees Can't Stop Cruising Tinder


Published on JANUARY 10 ,2016

This week, more than 170,000 tech and media professionals converged on the city of Las Vegas to see the latest in technology at the Consumer Electronics Show, and––inevitably––some of them used their smart, connected devices to try to get laid.

Vector Media offered attendees free WiFi at major hotels, shuttle buses, and convention centers throughout the week in exchange for collecting anonymized app usage data. More than 1,800 people opted in, and Vector found a whopping 61 percent of attendees’ used Tinder while at CES––nearly five times more than productivity app Slack, which only 12.8 percent of attendees on Vector's network used. Facebook Messenger came in first place with 74.3 percent, and Grindr also made an appearance on its list of apps in use, at 16 percent.

The full list of apps is below:

  1. Facebook Messenger — 74.3 percent
  2. Tinder — 61.2 percent
  3. Twitter — 56.9 percent
  4. Snapchat — 51.8 percent
  5. Kik — 38.2 percent
  6. Skype — 33.5 percent
  7. Tumblr — 20.7 percent
  8. LinkedIn — 22.7 percent
  9. Grindr — 16.2 percent
  10. Slack — 12.8 percent

The conference is completing its final day on Saturday, so if you’re out in Vegas there is still time to keep swiping and see if you get lucky with a tech exec; they’re out there.