COO's Corner: Growing the Pie

The COO's Corner feature includes updates and notes from Vector Media's Chief Operating Officer, Marc Borzykowski. If you would like to send your feedback or ask Marc any questions please feel free to email him at

Another successful TAB/OAAA Convention is behind us and at Vector we certainly learned a lot.  The major takeaway seems to have been that we, the OOH industry, need to “grow the pie” and that audience data and analytics are the key to unlocking the doors to media budgets that we currently view as being out of reach. 

At Vector, we are intent on utilizing our media platform to help achieve these goals.  We have begun incorporating Beacon and Wi-Fi technology into our assets to better recognize, track and impact our clients’ target audiences. We are tremendously excited about the integration of mobile advertising as a component of the out-of-home effort and we look forward to watching as those silos begin to pour into one another.

That said, we have not lost sight of the fact that our medium is at its best when used creatively to capture your attention and your imagination.  All of the data in the world cannot replace a great idea once it catches fire.  Clients come to Vector for many reasons, but chief among them is our unique ability to execute on their creative vision and to bring their ideas to life.

To that end, we continue to innovate and expand. Through our close partnership with Carisma Large Format Printing and its partnership with leading print-tech manufacturer Massivit, we have recently unveiled a brand new 3D printing technology that will revolutionize 3D printing applications in the Out-of-Home world.

Sony Pictures partnered with Vector to promote its release of The Angry Birds Movie by utilizing new, 3D printing technology.

For the inaugural campaign leveraging this new technology, Vector partnered with Sony Pictures for the promotion of The Angry Birds Movie. We are honored that they put their faith in Vector and greatly appreciate the opportunity to help them bring this unique idea to life.  As with many of our clients, we admire Sony’s creativity, vision and courage in support of the new and the different. 

So now we sit, pondering the pie as we watch one passerby after another stop and take notice of this spectacle. And, as one after the next pauses to capture it on their phone to share through social media, we realize that it is not the technology itself but the ability to more creatively move you through its use that truly provides the greatest opportunity.