The Muddy Road Foundation: A Special Thank You To Its Supporters

To all our Valued Clients:

In December of 2015, on your behalf, Vector Media submitted a generous donation to the Muddy Road Foundation. In the interest of providing you with more detail on this donation, we wanted to share more information on the Muddy Road Foundation and the progress Vector has made towards helping the Foundation achieve its goals.

The primary purpose of the Muddy Road Foundation is to improve the lives of the children and community on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Pine Ridge is an Oglala Lakota Native American reservation located in South Dakota. It is the eighth largest reservation in the US, but is also the poorest. Unemployment on the reservation hovers around 80% to 85% and 97% of the population live below the Federal Poverty Level.

The Muddy Road Foundation has been set up to help the children and community improve not only their day-to-day lives, but also provide them with the resources necessary to build a brighter future. The Foundation was set up in 2012 by Matthew Schwartz, son of Bill Schwartz, after watching a 20/20 Special on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Matthew was touched by the 20/20 Special and was inspired to make a difference helping the community. In 2014, Matthew’s brother, Joshua, picked up the mantle, raising funds for the Foundation through his Charity Basketball Event. And last year, their younger brother, Daniel, joined the team by holding a Lego Donation Event, resulting in over 300 pounds of Lego toys donated to the Wounded Knee School in Pine Ridge. 

Thanks to the efforts from these events and money raised from your donations, the Foundation has led efforts to set up a computer room and a Family Resource Center at the school. The computer room, a place for the children of the reservation to study and learn, provides the community with access to knowledge that most of us take for granted. The Family Resource Center is a place where people from the school community can come together, do their laundry and use the school’s computers. Such amenities are barely available anywhere else on the reservation, and while a place to do laundry may sound like a basic necessity, to the residents of Pine Ridge it is a luxury. 

As we could not have made such amazing progress in the Pine Ridge community without the help from Vector Media and each of you, we thank you very much for your support and we look forward to providing more updates in 2016. #‎MuddyRoad