Mobile Advertisers Are Successfully Targeting Tourists on Double-Decker Buses, Sprint sees big engagement.


Published on June 1, 2016

If you hop on a double-decker tourist bus in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Chicago, you'll likely see a targeted mobile ad thanks to Vector Media's geofencing and beacon-based ads platform. No situation is too small for marketing nowadays—indeed, a double-decker bus ad network actually exists. 

Exclusive data we've received from an effort by Sprint seems to speak for itself. The telecom, working with agency Mediavest and Vector Media, was the first brand to try running mobile ads in Chicago in conjunction with large ads that appear on the buses and on billboards along the routes driven.

During a holiday effort in the Windy City, per Vector Media, 48 percent of the tourists being targeted saw a Sprint mobile ad. The campaign, which pushed the brand's data packages, beat the average industry engagement by 587 percent. 

"There is no stronger engagement than when a consumer walks into a custom-created geofenced area, receives a message or call-to-action on their phone and then runs right into a strategically placed [out-of-home] ad," contended Gary Greenstein, CRO, Vector Media. 

Also during the holidays, RetailMeNot utilized Vector Media's mobile ads with an integrated online/offline campaign called #SaveItForward in New York. The coupons marketer said it got 1.5 million impressions—via all channels—during Black Friday weekend.

More specifically, said Marissa Tarleton, RetailMeNot's CMO for North America, "By using on-board beacon technology, [we were] able to connect with more than 800,000 shoppers in the NYC area during the campaign."

An increasing number of brands are buying into bus-based advertising. Everyone from Maybelline to Leinenkugel's beer has recently employed Vector Media, and Rovio Media is currently using the platform to push its Angry Birds movie, which has been a hit.  

Meanwhile, Vector Media owns double-decker buses that can be adorned with a brand's message and has installed beacon technology in the vehicles. The 18-year-old company also works with vendors to place ads in routes of its tours. 

It offers branded Wi-Fi and streaming media, too. In terms of the latter, TBS livestreamed Conan O'Brien on the buses during Comic-Con International in San Diego last year.