Carisma Diverts Resources to Help Us Fight COVID-19

It goes without saying, the COVID-19 crisis is forcing businesses and individuals to rethink the ways we operate and use our resources.

In these unique circumstances it is most important for us to unite in fighting the spread of the disease and so we, like many, looked for ways to contribute to the response, and found it in our close friends, Carisma.

The team at Carisma, our Brooklyn-based production partners of over two decades, is made up of a diverse team of skilled craftsmen and engineers. As they have demonstrated time and time again in the work they produce for our clients, Carisma are clever, adaptable, and hard-working. 

With a fully operational workshop and access to commercial tools, it just took some quick thinking from the team to come up with a way to help the local health care community in crisis.

The leadership team came together and quickly concluded that producing masks with just a few simple materials was something Carisma was well equipped to do. And so, with some additional financial support from partners like us, Carisma was able to swiftly purchase enough of the plastic material needed to produce over 1,000 masks before the suppliers were completely out of stock. 

The design was simple; a flexible, protective plastic curves around the face, shielding it from droplets expelled by coughing and sneezing. The plastic shield is held on by an adjustable foam headband. 

Each mask is reusable, capable of withstanding the rigorous disinfecting they’ll require to be subjected to – a greener solution to traditional disposable masks. 

The entire production team stepped up to the plate, putting in long days to produce 1,000 masks and counting. Safety precautions were taken during production, ensuring workstations were at least 6-feet apart, and all employees wore Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) themselves.

The masks have been distributed to 10 individual hospitals, medical centers and nursing homes in both New York City and New Jersey. 

The nation-wide shortage of PPE for medical workers is of grave concern, and without the generosity and ingenuity of the people like Carisma’s team, our communities wouldn’t be as safe as they could be.

We’re incredibly proud of President Moshe Gil and his invaluable team for everything they’re doing to support our local community

Production continues. 

You can follow Carisma and the progress of this project on Instagram via @carismacreates.