Why Double Decker Bus Advertising?

Double decker buses combine the precision and reach of transit advertising with the attention-grabbing gravitas of large-format out-of-home. With four wheels and three massive panels, they bring billboards to places billboards normally can’t go. When you want to leave a lasting impression, the numbers say Double Deckers are second to none.


Bus advertising is the most seen outdoor advertising medium, with 61% of consumers saying they had seen some version of bus ads in the last seven days (Source: Kantar TGI). The eyes are obviously there, but this stat also suggests that a brand must be smart to make their message memorable. Not all transit impressions are created equal. Which brings us back to the Vector Double Decker. Geopath measurement shows that Double Deckers outperform other large format transit by 2.6x – 5.5x in major markets like LA and NY. The numbers don’t lie.

Vector rolls out a variety of Double Decker options for advertisers, here are a few of the stand-outs:


Standard Full Wraps demand attention at street level with three sides of mesmerizing messaging. This is the go-to. The flagship product. Plus, they can be completely customized with souped-up enhancements like LED lighting, extensions and custom builds.

double decker bus full wrap


Digital Double Deckers bring dynamic advertising to the streets. Screens stretching 27-feet wide showcase images and videos that make audiences do a double take. Other capabilities include geo-fencing, live streaming, and full interior built-out brand experiences.



The LUX is an exclusive option designed and engineered by Vector. High-end finishes and huge, uninterrupted surfaces are perfect for premium brands. With 800 LEDs illuminating the 40-foot side panels for 16 hours a day, your message is always on.

LUX - Illuminated double decker bus advertising


The Looking Glass is a one-of-a-kind vehicle with 16-foot clear glass panels on either side. Interior lighting and an optional on-board audio system provide multi-sensory experiences perfect for product showcases, mobile installations and experiential activations.

With this kind of variety, there’s almost no limit to what you can do creatively; you’re limited only by your imagination. This large-scale, experiential activation and installation created for Jaguar USA is a great example of how Vector leverages the out-the-box capabilities that Double Deckers provide.

Jaguar Looking Glass Bus

Doubling Down on Data

Double Decker buses clearly offer benefits unlike other transit placements, and the use of data has further transformed what marketers can do. Vector brings a unique combination of data from Geopath and other sources to Double Deckers throughout multiple markets, one of the only vendors with this type of Geopath confirmed offering. This allows you to bring your brand’s message directly to the audience it’s meant for. That means no wasted coverage and more valuable impressions.


A combination of data from Geopath and Neustar allows Vector to provide media buyers with more efficient and effective marketing plans for Double Deckers; based on valuable information like frequency, reach, demographic data and Gross Rating Points (GRPs). GRPs are a crucial metric used to determine the number of ad units you need to reach a certain percentage of the population. To calculate GRPs, multiply the reach (total unique people that see your ad) by the frequency (number of exposures per person). Pair audience-based Neustar data with Geopath metrics to establish Double Deckers as
a foundation of a well-planned outdoor media strategy. If your team is less familiar with OOH planning, don’t sweat it, the Vector team can inform and guide this planning process along the way.


With exceptional reach and market penetration, Double Decker buses have become one of the smartest out-of-home investments for media planning professionals. When you’re ready to make a big splash for your clients, contact Vector to get things rolling in the right direction.