Outdoor Advertising in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the fastest growing city in America, as well as the #1 visited market in the US, hosting over 42 million visitors annually. Along with saturating Strip coverage, Vector Media’s reach also engulfs the Las Vegas General Market. Our local coverage impacts the tourist corridor, including the Thomas & Mack Center, UNLV, McCarran International Airport, The Convention Center, as well as the most upscale neighborhoods where all outdoor advertising is zoned out, Summerlin, Henderson and Green Valley. Vector is your go-to for going big with advertising on the Las Vegas Strip, from large-format opportunities, to interactive digital placements.

Media Formats

  • Tourist Corridor Transit

    • Deuce Double Decker
    • Streetcars
    • Full Wraps
    • Super Sides
  • Tourist Corridor Bus Shelters

    • Touchscreen Digital
    • Full Wraps
    • Full House
    • Single Panels
  • General Market Buses

    • Double Deckers
    • 60 & 40'
    • Full Wraps
    • Super Sides
    • Ultra Super Kings
    • Kings
    • Headliners
    • Tails
  • General Market Bus Shelters

    • Full Wraps
    • Domination
    • Full House
    • Single Panels
  • Additional Opportunities

    • Digital Billboards
    • Paratransit
    • Experiential Events

    “The Deuce” Double Deckers

    The Deuce is the largest transit format on the Las Vegas Strip. These Tourist Corridor buses reach the busiest roads in Las Vegas and are a popular source of transportation for residents, tourists and students. Combined with our world-class creative production capabilities this format is an essential out-of-home option for anyone looking to impact the Las Vegas Strip, Downtown, and the Las Vegas Convention Center.


    Interactive Digital Bus Shelters

    If there’s one way to actively engage consumers on the Vegas Strip it’s our interactive Digital Bus Shelters. Featuring HD touch displays, built-in audio, real-time transaction processing and even facial recognition technology, these innovative kiosks allow your audience to navigate and immerse themselves in your content. The creative potential is endless, and savvy marketers will be making valuable consumer connections in no time at all.

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