• Digital Double Deckers

    What do you get when you combine the impossible-to-ignore grandeur of a Double Decker and the resplendent spectacle of a Digital Billboard? A state-of-the-art large-format advertising platform that is basically Times Square on wheels. The LED displays built into the sides of our Digital Double Deckers broadcast the most dynamic version of your brand story on custom routes in New York, Los Angeles, and beyond. Perfect for Experiential activations with digital elements like geofence-triggered messages, videogames, live content feeds, etc.

  • Digital Bulletins

    When it comes to billboards, digital is the future. Digital Bulletins allow you to reach audiences in more flexible, dynamic and engaging ways 24 hours a day. Digital signage is proven to capture eye contact and boost sales. Our Digital Bulletin locations at Las Vegas McCarren International Airport capitalize on the 40 million passengers that arrive there every year, offering high traffic counts and long read times.

  • Digital Kiosk Screens

    Defibrillate your brand story. Video advertising on state-of-the-art digital screens brings your brand to life on strategically located information kiosks and ATM toppers. Showcase your message on high-resolution digital screens with full-motion video or static imagery. The 19-inch screens are also audio capable. Vector’s South Beach Digital Network includes prominent Art Deco hotels, bars, nightclubs and restaurants throughout Miami’s hottest neighborhood.

  • Digital Bus Shelters

    The newest star on the Vegas Strip is flashier than Elton and more emotive than Celine. Our completely interactive Digital Bus Shelters are redefining out-of-home street-level advertising. Featuring multi-touch enabled full HD video displays, they offer network connectivity for custom web content, facial-recognition, audio in and out, motion sensors, tap-to-pay technology, and more. It’s everything you need to create a completely immersive, show-stopping custom experience. And you don’t even have to buy tickets.

Get Digital

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