• Double Deckers

    We made our name putting brand stories into motion by way of our impossible-to-miss Double Deckers. While Vector is much more than just buses these days, this dynamic large-format advertising is still one of the best ways to deliver your story to the world. These eye-level billboards offer 270 degrees of coverage and limitless creative capabilities in high-profile locations and business corridors in the nation’s top markets.

  • Public Transit

    Strap-hangers of the world unite. With the largest number of transit markets in the country, Vector has transformed public transportation into a dynamic canvas for rich and relevant brand stories. We’re proud to work with municipal partners in dozens of U.S. markets, where we offer advertising opportunities on buses, streetcars, trolleys, and more. Our valuable partnerships with transit authorities allow us to provide efficient, market-wide coverage for your brand story. Our Public Transit offerings include buses & bus stations, street cars, paratransit, rail & rail stations, trolleys, bikeshare and more.

  • Hampton Jitney

    One of the most luxurious bus services in the country, the Hampton Jitney has serviced the East End of Long Island for more than three decades. This large-format advertising opportunity offers coverage in exclusive locations across New York, including Midtown Manhattan, the Upper East Side, the Long Island Expressway, and the Hamptons. We offer Wi-Fi sponsorship capabilities on the Hampton Jitney, along with a range of onboard brand touchpoints and opportunities advertising opportunities.

  • Airport Shuttles

    Whether as a vibrant bon voyage or a warm welcome home, airport shuttle wraps give you the chance to bookend travelers’ journeys with your brand story. Tourists, business travelers, commuters, locals—airport traffic represents a valuable, captive audience at terminals and hotels alike. Vector offers shuttles at more than 20 of the nation’s busiest major airports.

  • Upper Deckers & Coaches

    Any market, any place, any time, and on entirely customized routes—Upper Deckers and Coaches represent the most versatile large-format vehicle advertising available. No other out-of-home option gives you the ability to micro-target unique audiences on a national scale. Vibrant, full-color wraps are proven to stop consumers in their tracks, delivering your message in a fashion that’s nearly impossible to ignore.

  • Taxi Tops & Doors

    Taxi! With thousands of vehicles winding their way through the streets of markets including Miami, Chicago, Orlando, Denver, Memphis, Toronto and Montreal, Vector’s taxi division offers citywide coverage 24-hours a day. Our cutting-edge Shark Fin rooftop display is only 1.5 inches thick, making it aerodynamic & environmentally friendly. LED backlighting technology brings your message to life at eye level for impact that’s hard to beat.

  • Trolleys

    Everybody loves a trolley. These unique, attention-grabbing vehicles bring smiles to locals and tourists alike, and offer daily, high-profile exposure in a city’s most-visited neighborhoods and areas of interest. Trolley wraps deliver your brand story in dynamic full color via one of the most endearing vehicles on the road.

  • Trailways

    The ideal long-distance relationship. The Trailways fleet covers more than 22,000 miles every day on major highways and thoroughfares between New York City and Montreal. These two-story, fully wrapped coaches reach coveted audience segments in various difficult-to-access regions along the way. Trips depart regularly from Midtown Manhattan’s heavily trafficked Port Authority; destinations include Cornell and State Universities, resort towns in The Catskills and Fingerlakes, plus cities like Buffalo and Rochester.

Get Moving

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