Dave Daucanski on Transit Advertising

BY Dave Westburg
First published in Billboard Insider on Feb 13, 2018

Dave Daucanski has returned to the out of home business as Senior Vice President for Vector Media’s Public Transit group. Daucanski had 15 years of experience selling out of home with Clear Channel Outdoor, Lamar and All Over Media, before leaving the industry in 2017 for a post with New Horizons Learning Centers. Daucanski has authored thought-provoking posts for Insider including How Out of Home Sales Need to Change and Hiring Great Out of Home Sales People. Insider talked with Daucanski over the weekend about his new job with Vector.

Why Vector?

People, Passion and Pursuit. I began my career in the OOH industry at Obie Media (which was purchased by Lamar). While at Obie/Lamar a team of incredible PEOPLE were developed in my markets in Florida and St. Louis. Many of these team members are now part of Vector moving over from Direct Media. The team mentioned my name to CEO, Marc Borzykowski, while he was visiting the Direct markets. This resulted in meetings with the PASSIONATE leadership team at Vector which lead to an opportunity to return to the industry and couple my PASSION with the Vector Team and the Direct Media team on a PURSUIT to expand our footprint with creative ideas and technologies.

What’s your job?

My responsibilities include leading the sales team in all the transit markets. I will also focus my time on cultivating the transit authority relationships while exploring new transit growth markets for Vector.

Tell us about Vector’s transit business?

It couldn’t have been a better marriage between two companies. The Direct Media team is great at the local sale delivering client successes to small and medium businesses and agencies. The Vector team is well positioned with large regional and national businesses and agencies to assist in the growth of the transit business. I am proud to say that many team members have a tenure of 10+ years in the local markets which allows for continuity with clients and success in the markets.

How is selling transit advertising different from selling roadside bulletins?

When I was leading the transit teams at Obie/Lamar it was a more educational sale as you had to have sales team members that were true hunters consistently creating suspects and prospects. A common objective was “I don’t want to advertise to the riders on a bus”. The medium has now become more widely accepted in all markets outside of the Top 10 markets where transit is part of the culture. Transit advertising moves with you unlike a roadside bulletin that you might miss in the clutter of mind. We expand the message throughout the city, county or region and for those that desire that roadside static display in many markets we have rail and bus shelter displays available for that directional messaging desired by clients that like the roadside bulletin.

What’s the future of transit advertising look like?

Transit is rapidly becoming more accepted as a mode of transportation outside of the top 5 markets. You are starting to see funding for rail, trolley and street cars in those medium sized markets. A recent example on a trip to St.Louis; the transit agency, Bi-State Development, is opening up a new rail station in a high tech hub area. Parking is limited and the transit agency is working closely with the businesses to make it easy to ride instead of drive to work. We will be the media of choice in that area for advertisers.
In our Las Vegas market we just introduced interactive and intuitive street displays on the strip. This pursuit to be in front of potential customers will help us grow in markets throughout the country and deliver immediate ROI for potential advertisiers.

The mobility of transit advertising will merge well with mobile advertising products that allow for geofencing, geotargeting and offer based marketing making the path to purchase much easier for the customer.

Welcome back Dave.

You can reach Daucanski at [email protected], 561-329-9363.