Travel Advertising Goes the Distance

When you need your brand’s message to reach far and wide, transportation advertising at airports is an obvious choice. Airport marketing is the first point of contact when passengers arrive in a city and the last impression when they leave. For marketers looking to make a lasting impact, advertising to travelers provides a unique opportunity to reach broad demographics at efficient costs, helping your brand take off.

One of the major benefits of airport transportation is that it runs non-stop. Passengers rely on shuttles, trains and trams to get to the airport day and night. The high-frequency and captive audiences of airport transport ensure that your placement won’t go overlooked.


Vector airport transit placements fall into two main categories:

  • Shuttles that take passengers back and forth from long-term parking lots to terminals are found consistently at every airport. Full-back creative wraps are seen by countless travelers as these shuttles drive in continuous loops.
  • Public transit vehicles that transport passengers from downtown areas to the airport often go through metro areas, gaining local impressions while capturing the attention of international, domestic and business passengers.



Vector’s extensive network of airporters covers over 50 terminals in 18 major markets in the US. Travel advertising is naturally scalable, and bigger brands can benefit from buying varied placements across the country. Diversifying your placements and focusing on “traveler coverage” allows you to reach a greater number of passengers than sticking to one city alone.

But you don’t always need mass coverage to achieve mass awareness. Simply marketing to people on the move allows you to reach a unique clientele that is difficult to achieve with other methods. Even one or two placements can make an impact – a valuable strategy for emerging brands, e-commerce companies and tourism, to name a few.


No matter the size of your brand or budget, you too can cash in on the rich audiences traveling through airports. With a well-developed media plan, your message could soon be reaching millions of passengers per day. Smart marketers are already taking advantage of all that travel advertising has to offer. Want to get on board? Contact Vector Media to find out more about our data-driven solutions at airports and other travel hubs.