Public Transit Advertising in Hartford & New Haven

Hartford is the Insurance Capital of the World and also the Capital City of Connecticut. As a hub of emerging technology in the northeast, Hartford is home to several Fortune 500 Companies and was just named the 7th fastest growing cities focusing on technology in the country by Us News and World Reports. CT Transit, the local transportation commission, covers the 28 municipalities within the county on a daily basis, but also services the nearby city of New Haven. New Haven, located on the Long Island Sound, has its own impressive history including being home to the Ivy League Yale University.

CT Transit provides advertisers with the most efficient, cost-effective medium to reach the population of Connecticut and its thriving professional community. CT Transit offers connection to the New York DMA including Stamford CT and provides one of the only forms of comprehensive OOH in the area.

Media Formats

  • CT Transit Signature Bus Advertising

    • Full Wrap
    • Ultra Super King
    • Kong
    • Kong with Extensions
    • Full Back
    • Window Cling
  • CT Transit Traditional Bus Advertising

    • King
    • Queen
    • Tail
    • Super Tail

    Full Wrap Bus Advertising

    Vector signature format, the transit Full Wrap, is one of the most impactful and attention-grabbing media formats available in markets like Hartford and New Haven. These 3-sided billboard-like units dominate the streetscape in core city centers, and even more so in the surrounding neighborhoods. Make a powerful statement and own your own bus with our signature Full Wraps.


    Ultra Super King Bus Advertising

    Ultra Super Kings (USKs) are a great alternative to Full Wraps for transit advertising. Similarly to Full Wraps, USKs are large and dominant on the street. These ads cover the middle portion of the bus side between the wheels from top to bottom, including the windows. These are a more cost-effective alternative to Full Wraps but still have the same large-scale impact.

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