Public Transit Advertising in Lancaster PA

Red Rose Transit Authority (RRTA) delivers coverage of every major community within the Heart of Pennsylvania’s Dutch County. RRTA bus advertising is a proven medium to reach people in Lancaster County – a county with a fantastic art community with over 90 art venues, shopping, dining, historic architecture and great cultural and entertainment attractions. All of it is connected by the RRTA network, connecting consumers to brands with a range of out-of-home advertising opportunities that we provide.

Media Formats

  • RRTA Signature Bus Advertising

    • Full Wrap
    • Ultra Super King
    • Full Back
  • RRTA Traditional Bus Advertising

    • King
    • Queen
    • Headliner
    • Tail
    • Interior
  • RRTA Bus Shelter Advertising

    • Single Panel
  • Premium Assets

    • Paratransit
    • Upper Deckers

    Bus Full Wraps & Ultra Super Kings

    Our Full Wraps & Ultra Super Kings command attention, generate unparalleled top-of-mind awareness and provides lasting impressions. These large-format advertising opportunities provide a spacious canvas to drive your brand home to commuters, pedestrians, visitors and residents where they live, shop, work and play! Large format advertising is a great way to maximize your impact and truly stand out throughout the Lancaster marketplace.


    Bus Shelter Advertising

    Bus Shelters provide advertisers with a stationary medium to stand alone or to work in conjunction with transit displays. Shelters have the ability to saturate the entire market or target a specific area within the market. These bus shelters are placed at key locations throughout Lancaster. Shelters are highly visible and provide high-reach, high-frequency advertising by targeting bus riders, pedestrians and vehicular traffic - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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