Norwalk, Connecticut Advertising

Just 45 minutes from NYC by train, Norwalk is located on Connecticut's coast in scenic Fairfield County. The coastal city of Norwalk is home to over 89,000 residents and is best known for its diverse business culture, from thriving sustainable oyster farms to hosting the headquarters of such iconic names as Xerox and Pepperidge Farms. Norwalk lies within both the New York metro area as well as the Bridgeport metro area. Norwalk Transit District provides transportation throughout Norwalk covering South Norwalk, East Norwalk, Spring Hill, Wilton Center and Coastal Link travels through each city and town in Connecticut bordering the Long Island Sound. Transit District & Coastal Link are the premier advertising vehicles to deliver the market completely, offering the reach and frequency to make very successful campaigns in Norwalk.

Media Formats

  • Signature Bus Advertising

    • Full Wrap
    • Ultra Super King
    • Super King
    • Full Back
  • Traditional Bus Advertising

    • King
    • Queen
    • Tail
    • Interior Cards
  • Experiential

    • Brand Ambassadors
    • Product Sampling
    • Custom Vehicles

    Brand Experiences

    Our in-house Experiential team is equipped to make any of your ideas come to life. They're capable of putting on major multi-week events with custom fabricated brand set pieces, or simply sourcing, styling and training Brand Ambassadors to represent your business and build lasting connections with consumers in the Connecticut area.

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