A Westside Story: Advertising in Santa Monica

Santa Monica, California, a sunny beach town nestled within the Los Angeles DMA, is a unique market when it comes to outdoor advertising. The Downtown Santa Monica area is restricted to outdoor advertising. There are no billboards, bus shelters or street furniture advertising faces allowed, so many advertisers are left to find alternative opportunities in far less desirable locations outside the neighborhood. However, thanks to Vector's municipal partnership with Big Blue Bus and Culver City CityBus, we are able to exclusive offer out-of-home advertising directly in the heart of Santa Monica by way of our Signature bus advertising products. The Big Blue Bus and Culver CityBus both service the most populous areas of Westside LA including downtown Santa Monica, downtown Culver City, Third Street Promenade, LAX Airport, Century City, Westwood and UCLA.

Media Formats

  • Big Blue Bus Signature

    • Full Wrap
    • Ultra Super King
    • Full Back
  • Big Blue Bus Traditional

    • King
    • Jumbo Queen
    • Tail
  • Double Decker Bus Advertising

    • Full Wrap
    • Super Side
    • Full Back
    • Creative Embellishments
  • Experiential Marketing

    • Mobile Pop-Ups
    • Brand Ambassador Teams
    • Premiere Events
    • Branded Fleets
    • Food Trucks
    • Glass Trucks
  • Pedicab

    • Full Wrap
    • Digital Screens

    Illuminated Double Deckers

    Illuminated embellishments are an electric way to shed light on any brand story. Back-glow and outer-glow LED lighting techniques make this a highly versatile technology. Illuminate a key element of your out-of-home creative to add pop that can be seen day or night. Combine effects for maximum impact, and do it all exclusively with Vector.


    Big Blue Bus Full Wraps

    Our Signature Full Wraps are brand new to the Santa Monica market. Previously unavailable in this hard-to-penetrate area, it’s Vector’s expertise in large-format transit advertising that helped bring our iconic outdoor advertising products to the market. 3-sided and hard to miss, our Full Wraps are a no-brainer in Santa Monica.

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