Outdoor Advertising in York PA

The York-Hanover Metropolitan Area is one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the Northeast region. In recent years the city’s redevelopment efforts have included a new baseball stadium, luxury loft apartment complexes and the York County Judicial Center. York’s Rabbit Transit system provides unmatched coverage throughout York County. The fleet of bus and other vehicles in the Rabbit system allows advertisers to reach all corners of the market, impacting consumers in key retail hubs, business districts and directly in residential neighborhoods.

Media Formats

  • Rabbit Signature Bus Advertising

    • Full Wrap
    • Ultra Super King
    • Full Back
  • Rabbit Traditional Bus Advertising

    • King
    • Queen
    • Headliner
    • Tail
    • Interior
  • Premium Assets

    • Paratransit
    • Upper Deckers

    Bus Full Wraps & Ultra Super Kings

    Our Rabbit Transit bus Full Wraps and Ultra Super Kings command attention, generate awareness and provide lasting impact with their large, imposing presence. These large-format advertising products provide an expansive canvas to share your brand message with commuters, pedestrians, visitors and residents where they live, shop, work and play. Large-format out-of-home advertising is a great way to get bang for your buck and stand out across the York marketplace.


    Paratransit Full Back Advertising

    Rabbit Transit provides a shared ride, door-to-door transportation service to residents of York, Adams, Columbia, Cumberland, Franklin, Montour, Northumberland, Snyder and Union. Rabbit Transit Shared Ride offers full back advertising which covers the entire back, top to bottom and side to side. Bring your brand message to destinations throughout the market, including but not limited to: hospitals & medical facilities, retail districts & malls, retirement communities and residential neighborhoods.

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