• Double Deckers

    We made our name putting brand stories into motion by way of our impossible-to-miss Double Deckers. While Vector is much more than just buses these days, this dynamic large-format advertising is still one of the best ways to deliver your story to the world. These eye-level billboards offer 270 degrees of coverage and limitless creative capabilities in high-profile locations and business corridors in the nation’s top markets.

  • Double Decker Lux

    Consider this the pièce de résistance of your transit campaign. Double Decker Lux is sleeker, fully illuminated, and entirely crafted for premium brand content. We engineered a stunning new high-end finish for our flagship product, with both 40ft sides illuminated by 800 LEDs. Precise angles ensure light distribution so the complete ad face catches your attention day or night. Upgrade your Double Decker campaign with a Lux vehicle in New York or LA.

  • Custom Coaches

    Location, location! Any market, any place, any time, and on entirely data-informed, customized routes—Coaches represent the most versatile large-format vehicle advertising available. No other out-of-home option gives you the ability to micro-target unique audiences on a national scale. With similar visual impact as our flagship Double Deckers, these vibrant, full-color wraps are proven to stop consumers in their tracks, delivering your message in a fashion that’s nearly impossible to ignore. Hyper-locally target your audience with our data-informed mapping technology.

  • DDTV Network

    Our newest innovation takes high-impact digital on the road at previously unmatched scale. DDTV strikes the perfect balance between achieving the reach and frequency expected of Transit OOH networks, with the flexibility and reative capacity of Digital OOH. And it wouldn’t be a truly digital product without measurement reporting, so all DDTV network spot campaigns will include Audience reports verified by StreetMetrics at no extra cost.

  • Hampton Jitney

    One of the most luxurious bus services in the country, the Hampton Jitney has serviced the East End of Long Island for more than three decades. This large-format advertising opportunity offers coverage in exclusive locations across New York, including Midtown Manhattan, the Upper East Side, the Long Island Expressway, and the Hamptons. We offer Wi-Fi sponsorship capabilities on the Hampton Jitney, along with a range of onboard brand touchpoints and advertising opportunities.

  • The Looking Glass

    Yes, that's a car inside a bus. This is The Looking Glass, our custom built vehicle designed to allow brands to flex their creative muscles for traffic-stopping mobile installations and experiential activations. Restricted only by imagination, our glass- sided buses are the ideal platform for product showcases and walk-in experiences. Interior lighting draws eyes at night, custom routes ensure the right eyes are looking, and an optional on-board audio system facilitates multi-sensory consumer engagement. Design and convert this unique asset into a show-stopping centerpiece or extension to an event. Available in several different layouts and formats.

  • Airport Shuttles

    Whether as a vibrant bon voyage or a warm welcome home, airport shuttle wraps give you the chance to bookend travelers’ journeys with your brand story. Tourists, business travelers, commuters, locals—airport traffic represents a valuable, captive audience at terminals and hotels alike. Vector offers shuttles at more than 20 of the nation’s busiest major airports.

  • Trolleys

    Everybody loves a trolley. These unique, attention-grabbing vehicles bring smiles to locals and tourists alike, and offer daily, high-profile exposure in a city’s most-visited neighborhoods and areas of interest. Trolley wraps deliver your brand story in dynamic full color via one of the most endearing vehicles on the road.

  • Paratransit

    Suburban dwellers and homeowners in populous U.S. cities can be hard to access directly, however Paratransit advertising gets you right on the doorstep. Paratransit vehicles service entire markets, providing transport for individuals with special needs on-demand. With this specialized network of vehicles, advertisers can impact residents in their neighborhoods in addition to in key market locales, checking the box for ensuring your messaging is seen in all areas of the market, at all times of the day. Available in various sub-formats depending on the market, these outdoor opportunities are a versatile and an essential ingredient for any market-wide campaign.

  • Digital Double Deckers

    What do you get when you combine the impossible-to-ignore grandeur of a Double Decker and the resplendent spectacle of a Digital Billboard? A state-of-the-art large-format advertising platform that is basically Times Square on wheels. The LED displays built into the sides of our Digital Double Deckers broadcast the most dynamic version of your brand story on custom routes in New York, Los Angeles, and beyond. Perfect for Experiential activations with digital elements like geofence-triggered messages, videogames, live content feeds, etc.

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