Vector Generates Excitement in Los Angeles with New Signature Series Shelter Dominations

Most consumers are familiar with the experience of seeing out-of-home advertisements on Bus Shelters as they travel through their community on foot, by car, or via public transit. They have been a staple of out-of-home advertising for a reason; they provide targeted coverage for advertisers and thousands of impressions – often seen multiple times a day. Their “always-on” status is unskippable; ideal for capturing viewership 24/7. As an innovator in the outdoor advertising space, we are injecting new energy into the Los Angeles OOH market by turning up the volume on Bus Shelter advertising with a brand new to market product – Signature Series Shelter Dominations.  

Signature Series Shelter Dominations

Featuring coverage across all six faces of premium Shelter units around the city, Signature Series Dominations offer unparalleled visibility at the street level, changing the way advertisers think of the Bus Shelter. Dominations expand the typical shelter canvas to engulf the triple-wide rear panels that span across the structures, plus the bonus end-panel which features double-sided brandable space. Advertisers have the choice of three structure types – Dominations, Domination Plus and Half-Back Dominations, each of which ranges in price and impact level. The Signature Series Dominations are available on the city’s most traveled thoroughfares and in the most covetable neighborhoods and intersections. Offering major impact at the street level with illumination at night, and unmissable by passing vehicular or foot traffic, companies such as Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures and NBC Universal have already jumped aboard.

Signature Series Shelter Dominations are bringing a new energy to the Los Angeles outdoor advertising landscape and the constant enthusiasm from brands is palpable. These unique, new-to-market advertising placements are redefining the street-level media scene in the #2 DMA in the country. Vector is proud to once again disrupt the space with creative solutions that help brands tell better stories.