4 Tips for Effective Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is a hot commodity these days, with all types of consumer brands leaning into activations and events that engage their audiences in the real world. But beware, experiential campaigns can be a double-edged sword. In 2019, consumers are drawn to experiences that are meaningful and memorable, but these consumers are more alert (and cynical) than ever – wise to clever gimmicks and wary of being taken advantage of. When done right, experiences can boost your brand’s exposure and drive loyalty on a deeper level than broadcast advertising ever could. If you’re going experiential, follow these tips to make sure you’re getting the most for your media dollar.



Put yourself in the moment as you think about what will really resonate with your audience. Don’t just give them what you want them to have, give them something useful in the current time and place. Consider how your product or service can improve their experience – the more you can become part of their journey, the greater the brand recall and positive association you will create for your products.

At PAX West, Vector helped Alienware put together an unforgettable event. Fans joined for a livestream viewing party of the League of Legends Playoffs in the Park. Alienware gave away some awesome merchandise, including a new gaming laptop, while introducing fans to some of their newest products. What better way to associate the Alienware brand with some of the best gamers on the planet.




Experiential marketing gives you the opportunity to show what your brand really stands for, instead of just saying it. When you curate an experience that is true to your brand’s mission and personality, you’ll develop a deeper, more authentic connection with your audience. These are the experiences that customers remember, by occupying a niche space in their mind with your brand’s personality.



Experiential advertising can be a perfect outlet for demonstrating unique products or features. Interactive, hands-on activations fully engage consumers and significantly increase the amount of time these consumers spend testing out your products. When you involve the mind and body in a one-of-a-kind experience, consumers will be more invested in what your brand has to offer.

With a recent NBA Playoffs pop-up curated by Vector, basketball fans had the chance to experience Beats by Dre headphones at listening stations, play the newest NBA 2K video game and even take a photo with the Larry O’Brien championship trophy.




These days, every brand activation has its own hashtag. But shareability means much more than that. Use your experiential activation to tell a story that weaves your brand into the lives of consumers, and drives them to share the story with their network of friends, family and colleagues. An event that creates this level of sharing naturally builds in an incredible number of impressions. Often to a point that far exceeds paid media campaigns.

For Mother’s Day, Kate Spade New York handed out flowers and tote bags to mothers around NYC from atop a Vector double decker bus swathed in lush astro-turf. Their sweet, simple gesture snowballed into widely shared content on social media, inserting Kate Spade New York into peoples’ everyday lives.


When done well, experiential campaigns can have a major impact. From small businesses engaging a local market, to mega-brands scaling a campaign internationally, activations can be successful at any price point. There’s no better way to get your products in the hands of consumers and leave them wanting more.

Ready to put together your next experiential campaign? Work with the Vector team to make it happen.