Predicting OOH TRENDS 2024

Determining marketing & media trends requires a blend of great research, careful attention to what decision-makers are saying and understanding the transformative, on-going impact on new technological advances. It’s a bit akin to playing one of my favorite games, “Clue”; where your “Professor Plum” translates into insider reports and consumer surveys, and “Mrs. Peacock” furnishes you with insights on the latest technological advances. If you pay close attention and remain open to possibilities, you just may be the one to solve the mystery!

In this blog, I am sharing the top trends that I believe will shape the landscape for out-of-home in 2024.

  • Upswing in OOH Advertising, including Transit: According to the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), OOH Ad Revenue Growth is set to increase from 4.2% to 5.3% in 2024. As a fervent supporter of Transit OOH, I believe it will have a breakthrough year because of its scalability and efficient reach—it’s a solution that really maximizes impressions per advertising dollar.
  • Sustainability in OOH Transit Advertising: In an era of rising environmental consciousness, businesses now prioritize environmentally friendly advertising practices. OOH Today reports that 88% of advertisers recognize this. Public transportation not only offers an eco-friendly travel option but also contributes significantly to reducing carbon emissions, fostering a cleaner environment.
  • Bold Experiential Ads: Creating experiences that stand out and resonate is crucial. As stated in Forbes by Marc Hardgrove, innovative “OOH advertising needs to be experiential”. Bold, guerilla-style messaging and custom events & experiences will  prompt people to capture them on video, ensuring organic virality.
  • Event Marketing & “Surround Sound” OOH Advertising: Conferences, tradeshows, and major industry events are gaining importance. Younger audiences prefer experiences. According to a survey done by Eventbrite, 78% of millennials are choosing to spend on events over material possessions. The right event can attract enthusiastic participation.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Transit Advertising Creative: Creativity is crucial in a sea of advertisements. Although AI technology in formulating OOH ads is not fully paved, 2024 will see brands exploring new possibilities for more targeted, personalized, and unique creative.
  • Programmatic & DOOH Growth: Programmatic OOH (PrOOH) technology will continue to develop, with a drive towards standardization. Vector, in partnership with Tranzito, is contributing to the LA media mix with the Mobility Hubs Network, featuring 1500 digital panels, wayfinding, charging stations, and premium features for advertisers.

In conclusion, the evolving OOH landscape offers exciting possibilities for marketers and ad agencies. I will continue to decipher the clues in 2024 and share them with you along the way!

Written By: Sara Robinson