With the Super Bowl this weekend and Valentine’s Day not far behind, there’s a lot of talk about the new “it couple”- global music star Taylor Swift and NFL superstar Travis Kelce. Rightfully so, they are successful, talented, and famous cultural phenomenons. However, they aren’t the only power couple people are talking about these days. In agency break rooms, zoom meetings and trendy coffee shops around the country, there’s another couple on people’s minds and we can assure you their glow up is continuing to skyrocket: OOH AND Social Media! This couple has it all, including the attention of millions and the ability to take brands’ awareness and affinity to the next level. 

In today’s blog post, we’ll share all the tea, including who’s making the real plays and why everyone is a stan of OOH and social media coupling up. Stay tuned and maybe we will drop some news as exciting as the Tortured Poets Society Grammy’s announcement.


Let’s start with how they got together. It’s a tale as old as time (or more like the last 5-10 years). Creative, real-world art and events meet social supernova, it’s the talk of the town. The Drum shares, “OOH was the pinnacle of creative excellence in advertising. To this day, people like the idea of ads in their purest form, but they also want to share them with like-minded people and that’s what social feeds were made for.” 


Who doesn’t like a good love story? Our dear friends at the OAAA report, “Young people are drawn to fresh, new advertising experiences, including within virtual and augmented reality experiences across the budding metaverse.” 


So, what’s next? Well, here come the brands, because everyone wants to be a part of a good love story. As Taylor Swift once said, “It’s a love story, baby, just say, yes”. From entertainment to apparel, QSR to luxury fashion, everyone is getting in on the action.


  • In 2019, TikTok saw discussions about gastrointestinal health issues becoming a trending topic as some women began talking about their experiences with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). In 2021, pink billboards from BELLIWELLI proclaiming “Hot girls have IBS” suddenly emerged over some of America’s biggest cities. How effective was the campaign for BelliWelli?  The brand attributes 28,000 followers on their TikTok account, $40,000 in product sales from the billboard. 


  • Nike took advantage of the tremendous interest in 3D billboards with one of their own in China. “Nike rolled out a 3D billboard in Hangzhou, China, to celebrate Air Max Day. A video of the billboard garnered more than 50,000 views in one day on TikTok.” – Marketing Brew 


  • Burger King used augmented reality to grasp the attention of new and old customers alike. Anyone in passing could scan the billboard QR code, bringing them to an AR experience that led them to discounts and promotions. “This interactive approach engaged Gen Z and drove traffic to Burger King locations, all while creating a buzz on social media.” – Marketing Drive 


Vector is also a player in this game of love, constantly utilizing our dynamic assets to develop campaigns with viral social exposure. Through experiential marketing, embellishments, large format transit, illumination, build-outs, projections and more, we have seen various campaigns catch fire on every social media platform. Some may call this a “big slay.”


  • Sunday Riley’s multimarket glow-up express 28’ Glass Step Truck had 29 activation days across 17 cities. This ultimate onboard “glow” experience offered free customized skincare consultations, exclusive product samples, a spin-to-win wheel and a beautiful Sunday Riley greenery arch and photo moment. This experiential buildout sparked tens of thousands of organic Instagram posts, stories, and TikTok content.

  • Snapchat custom-routed a large format Double Deckers that traveled around Hudson Yards for AdWeek. The brand incorporated 1,000 gorgeous, floral embellishments that caught pedestrians in their tracks. They took the campaign a step further by providing an interactive Snapcode that consumers could scan to unlock their new garden filter, which was unlocked over 5K+ times. 

  • Dr. Dennis Gross held a 2 month, 12-city tour using our exclusive Looking Glass Bus. The interior held interactive stations, including a touch screen experience for consumers to learn about their skin type, on-site consultations with Dr. Dennis Gross Staff and a product sample wall. Vector secured permits for the Peel Mobile to be parked outside top performing Sephora locations, driving foot traffic to transact in-store. The campaign resulted in 20 million impressions and tens of thousands of posts with the hashtag, #PeelMobile. 

What’s next for the new couple? Something daring & digital? A multi-format bonanza? Or maybe some cozy Netflix and Bill(board)? Probably all of the above, and we’re here for that main character energy. So when you’re done tracking Taylor’s private jet whereabouts, shift your attention to the real it couple….and you know who that is.


Written by: 

Phoebe Tabakin – Senior Marketing Coordinator of Vector Media

Jim MacCurtain – Chief Commercial Officer of Vector Media