Heading Out…East


Welcome to the much-awaited Hamptons Summer! This isn’t just any summer—it’s the 50th anniversary celebration of Hampton Jitney, an iconic organization indelibly linked to the Hamptons, and to summer. As the Hampton enthusiasts gear up for their journey “Out East” to take a break from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the breathtaking coastline, one thing is certain: it’s destined to be an unforgettable experience!

The 50th anniversary of Hampton Jitney is a landmark occasion. Over the past five decades, Hampton Jitney has played a pivotal role in providing essential transportation services to the community, with a focus on outstanding customer service and a relaxed and refined journey to and from paradise.

As vacationers flock to the Hamptons each summer, so do brands. At Vector, in collaboration with Hampton Jitney, we’ve continually explored innovative ways for marketers to engage with consumers through outdoor media.

Hampton Jitney offers a plethora of premium advertising opportunities, including exterior bus wraps, interior advertisements, digital screens, brochures, onboard sampling, and sponsorships of specific routes or pop-up events! Go ahead, try saying that five times fast…

Jokes aside, by leveraging these advertising avenues, brands can effectively connect with a captive, targeted audience of commuters and travelers, enabling them to showcase their products or services in a truly unique manner.

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Nina Bracovic, the Marketing Manager at Hampton Jitney, to delve into the exciting details of HJ’s past achievements, future plans, and the festivities surrounding this special anniversary. Join me as we explore the journey ahead!


Tell us a little bit about how the Hamptons Jitney started, and what the key elements to its longevity have been?

Legend has it the concept of Hampton Jitney was born at a dinner party at artist Loren Dunlap’s Sagaponack home, during the Arab oil embargo in 1973 which caused a horrendous gasoline shortage and long lines at the fuel pumps in the US. James Davidson a young entrepreneur living in Water Mill and founder of Hampton Jitney, originally intended to create a

bike bus to ferry people and their bikes to and from Amagansett and Southampton College so that one could get around the Hamptons without a car.

Hampton Jitney was later purchased in the 1980s by J. Brent and Missy Lynch. Service and frequency increased, operating year-round and nearly hourly trips on the Montauk Line Route, and eventually expanding service with the Westhampton and North Fork lines. Additionally Hampton Jitney developed a Charter and Tour department that operates throughout the Northeast.

The key element is reliability! Hampton Jitney has evolved into the most reliable option for traveling between the East End and New York City for the last 50 years.


How has Hampton Jitney evolved and expanded its services over the years?

Hampton Jitney has evolved and expanded its services over the years by introducing new routes, upgrading its fleet of vehicles, and enhancing its customer experience. The company has expanded its network to include more destinations, offering customers a wider range of travel options. Additionally, Hampton Jitney has introduced amenities such as Wi-Fi, onboard entertainment, and comfortable seating to enhance the overall travel experience for passengers. Through these strategic initiatives, Hampton Jitney has been able to adapt to changing customer needs and preferences, leading to its continued growth and success.


How has the company’s culture contributed to its success over the years?

The success of Hampton Jitney can be attributed to various factors, including its strong customer service culture, reliable transportation services, and focus on customer satisfaction. The company has built a reputation for providing comfortable and convenient travel options for customers in the Hamptons area. Additionally, Hampton Jitney’s commitment to safety, punctuality, and attention to detail has helped it maintain a loyal customer base and attract new customers over the years.


Can you share any upcoming plans or developments for Hampton Jitney?

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we are excited to continue serving our customers with the same dedication and passion that have defined us for five decades. We are committed to innovation and excellence, and we look forward to introducing new services and enhancements to your travel experience.


How does Hampton Jitney engage with the local community and support local businesses? 

We prioritize providing ongoing support as a sponsor to organizations and events within our community, including:

  • Fighting Chance
  • Hamptons Marathon
  • Shelter Island 10K
  • Hamptons International Film Festival
  • Hampton Classic
  • Guild Hall


Can you describe the typical customer experience when traveling with Hampton Jitney?

At the heart of our mission is the desire to connect communities and create memorable travel experiences. Whether you’re commuting to work, heading to the beach for a weekend getaway, or exploring the beauty of the East End, the Hampton Jitney is here to take you there in style. Our convenient schedules, comfortable amenities, and friendly staff ensure that every journey is a pleasant one.


What sustainability initiatives or practices does Hampton Jitney implement in its operations?

We have an annual Earth Day sale to promote our electronic tickets. The campaign of this sale is “Live Green. Save Green. Travel Green.” Part of this campaign focuses on educating our passengers and community on the benefits of traveling with Hampton Jitney and providing information on why Motorcoach travel is the greenest mode of transportation. Linked here are a few #TravelGreenFacts that we post during this campaign.

To learn more Hampton Jitney travel green facts, please click here.


If Hampton Jitney were a person, what do you think their favorite travel destination would be and why?

The Hamptons – of course! #LuckyToLiveHere


Contributor’s: Sara Robinson, Vector Media; Nina Bracovic, Hampton Jitney