Did someone ask “What should I watch?”

In this life of social distancing and self isolation we have a lot more time on our hands for the things that matter; like catching up on the long list of movies and tv shows we never got around to watching.

Being in the business of out-of-home advertising keeps us in the loop on the latest shows and films coming out, but that doesn’t help the fact that we’re inevitably still getting sidelined in some group chat because we missed the latest season of Westworld.
However, what we do have is a robust archive of all those incredible productions coming out of our favorite movie studios, tv/cable networks and streaming services that we partner with every month.

Whether you need some high-stakes drama for a rainy night in, a weekend binge, or a family friendly Friday-night movie, there’s something here for you.

1. Kicking it off with Zombieland: Double Tap from our friends at Sony Pictures. Maybe a little too topical for some, but if you’re into dark comedies and haven’t seen the first Zombieland you should definitely see it. Find a few hours on the weekend and double down with the sequel.

2. Ok, maybe Zombieland is a little too on-the-nose for right now… Perhaps we could try escaping to Zootopia?

Zootopia was an instant classic when it came out. It’s family friendly so if you’re looking for something for the whole gang this is a great choice. You’re going to love it we promise – almost as much as we loved this clever Double Decker artwork.

3. Not feeling a comedy? Three words: Little Fires Everywhere.
No, this isn’t Big Little Lies with a new name, but it does star Reese Witherspoon and her track record for producing incredible dramas is pretty sky high at present. Get ready for one of those nights where suddenly it’s 2am and you can’t. stop. watching.

4. It’s Winter 2015. A client comes to us and says they’re making an all new Ghostbusters and they want to re-up the iconic Ghostbusters logo and make sure no one misses it. Conveniently we have access to the the largest 3D printer in the US, and a team of production engineers that are ready for the challenge. The result is a stunning illuminated fleet of Full Wraps executed in 5 major cities across the country!
Anyway… Ghostbusters is good! Watch it!

5. Next up is a great one for the kids. Trolls World Tour was set to launch globally on April 10, but unfortunately due to the health situation the world tour couldn’t commence as planned, however they did release the film directly to streaming for rent on the same day.
You can rent Trolls World Tour on Xfinity or Amazon Prime Video.

6. Speaking of Amazon, have you seen Marvelous Mrs. Maisel yet?
If not, now’s the time. She’s funny, she’s clever, she’s marvelous as they say. Mrs Maisel is going to keep your spirits high and your energy up with her quippy, fast-paced dialogue and the shows ability to transport you to gritty 1950s New York City. It feels like a Broadway production but you can stream it from your couch. How marvelous!

7. It seems like a missed opportunity to not spend at least 50 hours of your quarantine life watching every Marvel universe movie back-to-back in chronological order. We’re partial to Spiderman, not because their OOH campaign had us swinging from skyscrapers with excitement but because it actually won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film. Get some popcorn for this one.

8. Have you seen HBO’s Ballers yet?! The Rock is the highest paid actor in Hollywood for a reason!

9. This one you probably haven’t thought about in a while but it is well worth considering if you’re a fan of crime dramas. James Spader is the perfect mysterious villain in The Blacklist, a series about a criminal that turns himself in but only insists on telling is story to with one specific FBI agent. Okay sure it sounds like every other crime drama but trust us this one is worth a watch.

10. Alright one more to round it out. We can’t keep talking about binge-worthy TV and not acknowledge the existence of Stranger Things. The 80s nostalgia and childhood nostalgia combo is irresistable. We’ve got funky synth sounds flooding our ears. We’ve got stars of neon nylon in our eyes. There’s big hair, big cars, and Spielberg-esque spooky vibes. What more could you want? While we’re here – shout out to Netflix for being so fun to work with and making our embellishment dreams come true.

Alright that just about wraps it up for the time being.
These should keep you occupied for many hours to come. Staying inside doesn’t have to be all bad! Thank you to all of our studio and network partners for keeping us entertained during this unusual time in our history. We look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

Stay home, and stay safe,
Team Vector