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NEW YORK, NY (September 27, 2022) – Vector Media, one of the nation’s largest transit advertising companies, in partnership with smart mobility operator Tranzito, has been awarded the City of Los Angeles’s Sidewalk and Transit Amenities Program contract to upgrade LA’s bus shelter network, providing much needed shade and amenities to City. The up to 20-year contract was approved by the Los Angeles City Council in a near unanimous vote on September 20,2022, marking an exciting chapter in Vector’s emergence as one of the fastest-growing and most innovative OOH companies in the world.

Tranzito-Vector is a joint venture between Tranzito, an organization dedicated to helping public agencies assert control over public curb space to create equitable transportation for all, and Vector Media. Over the next five years, Tranzito-Vector will install 3,450 brand new shade and shelter structures across Los Angeles, as well as hundreds of other transportation amenities to enhance the ridership experience. These new structures will incorporate state-of-the-art technology providing real-time arrival and departure information, city messaging, and emergency broadcasts at 100% of locations. Additionally, the structures will have intuitive lighting technology, inductive cell phone charging, and a host of other features.

Additional amenities will include e-scooter docks for last mile mobility, shared delivery lockers, and information and wayfinding kiosks. The new structures will be built on a completely open architecture enabling the structures to evolve and incorporate new features as new technology emerges and as the city sees fit to deploy.



“We are honored to have been selected by the City of Los Angeles to build out a world-class Sidewalk and Transit Amenities Program,” said Marc Borzykowski, CEO, Vector Media. “We want to thank Mayor Garcetti, Council President Martinez, Council Committee Chairs Krekorian and Blumenfield, the City Council, and StreetsLA for championing the needs of bus riders to provide equitable shelter, shade, safety, and comfort at our bus stops. Our partnership with Tranzito and the city of LA will be built upon a commitment to providing the citizens of Los Angeles a haven while waiting for the bus, but also providing advertisers with an exciting new canvas upon which to tell their story.” Borzykowski continued, “we plan to roll out a series of new advertising and sponsorship initiatives that will serve all types of advertisers, from large national corporations to the many local small businesses and not-for- profits that make Los Angeles such a unique and dynamic place.”


“We believe it’s time to evolve the bus stop,” said Gene Oh, CEO, Tranzito. “As smart mobility experts, our aim is to help cities transform today’s bus stops into tomorrow’s mobility hubs, creating a network of connected infrastructure nodes that offer both passive and active communication on the streets, and provide amenities and comforts that everyday bus riders need. Advertising revenue will be a key driver to realize this vision, and Vector Media’s focus on transit advertising and innovative thinking make this a perfect partnership to help Los Angeles and other cities evolve with smart-city technology.”

The 3000+ shelter network will include approximately 700 dual-panel digital OOH displays as well as 100 16-foot icon panels for premium advertising placement across Los Angeles. Vector Media looks forward to rolling out this program to create a better and more equitable Los Angeles and to provide brand new world-class assets to help advertisers reach and engage Angelenos where they live, work and play.

To learn more about the program and see more photos of the prototype in action, visit www.Tranzito-Vector.com


About Vector Media
Founded in 1998, Vector Media (www.vectormedia.com) is one of the nations’ largest private outdoor media companies, specializing in large and small format public and private media opportunities as well as the creation of interactive brand experiences. The company’s current inventory is spread out over 55 US markets including each of the top 10 US DMAs and 28 of the top 50 US DMAs and includes over 30,000 advertising faces, comprised of municipal transit, transit shelters, billboards, wallscapes, airport shuttles, and the only coast-to-coast double-decker advertising network in North America. Vector’s rapidly growing experiential division integrates the company’s Out-of-Home assets and other capabilities through the creation of dynamic brand experiences.

About Tranzito
Tranzito is a new mobility operator that helps cities with micromobility, curbside management, and multimodal infrastructure. Established as BikeHub in 2004, it operates large-scale bike parking, bike share, and mobility hub programs for leading transit agencies in the United States. BikeHub became Tranzito to better address the convergence of all forms of new mobility.


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