First-to-Market Transit Shelter and Double Decker Build-Outs


Sony Pictures aimed to generate buzz for the upcoming premiere of The Garfield Movie by implementing an innovative and unconventional marketing campaign. Their goal was to captivate movie enthusiasts' interest in the film and drive ticket sales through a creative approach.


Nothing screams “head-turning” more than first-to-market Transit Shelter dominations with full-size animatronic build outs of Garfield himself, designed with moving eyes and tail. But that’s not all…the team took it a step further with a combination of fully-wrapped upholstered Double Deckers buses draped in orange fur and Double Deckers with a 3D embellished Garfield body with fur and integrated digital flex screen eyes. The team then used the Double Deckers to transport a-list actors such as Chris Pratt to the movie premiere. The pictures truly speak for themselves!



Los Angeles, CA


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Earned Media Impressions