Advertising to Hamptonites: The Ultimate Splash for Luxury Brands

The Hamptons is the go-to vacation destination for New Yorkers and home to some of the most expensive residential properties in the USA. An international destination, The Hamptons attracts the most illustrious celebrities in business, entertainment and government. Entertaining lavishly and traveling often for business and pleasure, Hamptonites and travelers to the area are a spendy, highly sought-after audience. However, this area is very difficult for brands to access, with particularly low outdoor advertising opportunities. This leaves a gap for brands wanting to make a splash with this high-profile group.

We’ve spent our years creating a very unique way to do just that, from large-format transit bus wraps, to on-board experiences, to the HAMPTONS Monthly, to digital billboards. We’ve crafted an exclusive opportunity for leading brands to reach this one-of-a-kind audience. In fact, we would argue it’s the only way to reach this audience at scale.

David Yurman advertises on the Hampton Jitney



Because of advertising restrictions placed in Nassau and Suffolk counties, the Jitney and the two 61-foot electronic billboards built along Route 27 are the only out-of-home advertising option between the Midtown Tunnel and Montauk along the expressway. Additionally, of the ways to get to the Hamptons (chopper, car, train, bus), the Jitney is the most accessible mass-transit option attracting a more affluent audience. A coach full of Manhattan’s young trendsetters, the Jitney reaches all important areas of influence in NY. 

The stats speak for themselves:

Hampton Jitney Advertising Stats


At Vector, we believe splashy outdoor advertising is just the beginning. We care about creating meaningful connections, by helping your brand tell better stories. Our combination of touchpoints empower brands to get a level deeper.


Full Wrap Out-of-Home

Our exclusive partnership with the Hampton Jitney begins with the fleet of high-end buses that tote NYC residents to the Hamptons. With the fully wrapped buses’ 270° of visibility, nobody on the street will miss it. For those new to the OOH space, large-format transit is one of the fastest-growing and most effective forms of Outdoor Advertising

The Jitneys travel from Manhattan, where they are promisingly conspicuous, towering over traffic and pedestrians, and are even more prominent once they arrive in the quaint towns of the Hamptons. Along the route, the Jitney makes 15+ core Manhattan stops and 25+ East End stops, including high profile retail at the Tanger Outlets. A single, fully-wrapped Jitney drives approximately 915,000 monthly media impressions. 


Product Sampling & Seat Drops

Brands can get exclusive access to the captive audience of Jitney riders in a few different ways. The first is through product sampling and seat drops. This allows brands to put their product directly into the hands of this audience, creating a tangible memory that other advertising opportunities simply cannot replicate.

Kevin Kwan, author of the novel Crazy Rich Asians, recalls having a copy of the book placed on every seat of the Hampton Jitney. Calling the method a “brilliant” promotional strategy, Kwan says “it was the captive audience of the right people.”

La Croix Full Wrap Bus Advertising La Croix - Product Sampling on the Jitney


On-Board Engagement

Additional on-board opportunities include exclusive video content and WiFi sponsorship. Video capabilities include :15s promotional spots with audio, including unique placements after safety videos when heading out East and before the first stop on the way back to Manhattan. With the Jitney servicing an estimated 500,000 riders each summer, we highly recommend tailored video content for this captive audience.

The on-board WiFi service seamlessly delivers your outdoor messaging right into the hands of consumers via their personal mobile devices. Grab their attention with a positive user experience. Capabilities include a branded splash page, dynamic landing page, email opt-ins, social media log-ins, and access to unique audience demographic data.

On-Board Video Advertising - Hampton Jitney


Print Opportunities in HAMPTONS Monthly

Hamptons Monthly is the exclusive Hamptons entertainment magazine for Manhattan professionals available in every seat pocket on-board the Hampton Jitney. With 8 issues each summer and multiple ad-space options coveted by luxury brands, this print advertising opportunity gets you in the hands of the captive, affluent audience.


Hamptons Digital Billboards 

Vector also has exclusive access to the two 61-foot electronic billboards built along Route 27, on the way into The Hamptons. With strict building guidelines in the area, these two billboards are some of the only large-format OOH opportunities in the region. With rotating creative, and crystal-clear display, this placement is a premium way to reach all arriving travelers, not just those on the Jitney.

Digital Billboards - The Hamptons



Promotional spots with the Jitney fill up quickly, but we do offer priority to brands looking for full-year placements, or for the full peak ridership season from spring to fall.

Reach out to the Vector team today to begin planning your campaign. Your story is worth telling.