Vector Media is the largest transit advertising company in the United States. In addition to our private fleet of Double Deckers and Custom Coach advertising, we have long term, exclusive partnerships with Public Transit authorities in more than 35 markets across the country, including with Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus.
Through these premium transit platforms we are able to provide advertisers with broad reach across entire markets, including critical areas with limited quantities of billboards or other out-of-home advertising options. One example of this is found in Santa Monica, California, a market notoriously challenging to reach with real-world media, particularly since their 1985 ban on traditional billboard signage. Yet, Santa Monica is home to an audience known for its generous spending habits and appetite for culture, so reaching this desirable market relies on some clever, practical solutions.


Santa Monica, the sunny, seaside town of Los Angeles, has become a prime destination for anyone that desires the conveniences and energy of an urban lifestyle with the intoxicating charm of a beach town. This charming city is particularly noted for its Michelin star restaurants, world class luxury shopping, 3.5 mile long beaches, art galleries, and movie theaters.

Despite being just 8.5 sq miles, Santa Monica has a population 94,078, and millions of visitors each year, making it a dense and economically vibrant city. This affluent city boasts an average household income of $98,000 and a workforce participation rate 5.8% higher than the national average, in part thanks to tech giants such as Snapchat, ZipRecruiter, Bird & Hulu all headquartered in Santa Monica, California. At the heart of it all, connecting the bustling retail districts, beaches, and the quaint residential pockets to Westside Los Angeles is the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus.

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Serving 5.5M+ riders each year along its 20+ routes, the Big Blue Bus offers advertisers an efficient, effective medium to reach every corner of Santa Monica and all major Westside areas. In addition, nearby Culver City operates the equally vibrant, green Citybus which integrates seamlessly with the Santa Monica public transit system to service the complete surrounding area. 

Vector’s inventory includes Full Wraps, Ultra Super Kings and Kings, providing advertisers with a variety of ways to make an impact. Transit advertising is popular around the world because it offers options for advertisers with a broad spectrum of budgets. Additionally, public transit bus advertising offers benefits like market-wide coverage so you can impact consumers during their day-to-day movement, without relying on the viewers passing a singular location that other outdoor media demands, like billboards. 

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In addition to our public transit offering in the market, Vector’s private transit offerings round out the menu of out-of-home ad spaces that are available in Santa Monica. Unlike Public Transit, Double Deckers hit the streets on high-profile routes that reach consumers in the areas where they congregate most. These billboards-on-wheels create have a major impact concentrated in those key locales, and can include custom builds too for advertising that really catches your eye. Double Decker advertising in Los Angeles not only covers Santa Monica and the famed Santa Monica Pier, but also Hollywood, Sunset and Beverly Hills, among other notable neighborhoods.

Looking for something playful and inexpensive? Santa Monica’s digital, human-powered pedicabs offer benefits similar to public transit bus advertisements in that they capture eyes all over the area, but they do so with whimsy and charm.
For the icing on the cake,
Experiential offerings such as our exclusive Digital and Glass Buses give advertisers an opportunity to create completely immersive, interactive brand activations that have unparalleled impact and stickiness with consumers.

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