Creating Holiday Pop-Up Stores That Can’t Be Ignored

“Pop ups…have become a powerful part of retail. They allow brands to showcase their creativity and try new locations with no strings attached.” 

– Fortune Magazine

That quote comes from a recent article on our partnership with Tamara Mellon, co-founder of Jimmy Choo. We worked with her namesake brand to create a one-of-a-kind luxury shoe salon on wheels. The glass truck pop-up store will visit a number of cities across the U.S. where fashion aficionados will be able to try-on and experience the high quality product for themselves.

Here at Vector, we’ve become something of an expert on pop-up stores. Our unique combination of massive advert-on-wheels inventory + industry-leading experiential team makes us uniquely suited to create successful activations with household names and growing brands alike.

Below are three reasons you should consider a pop-up event this holiday season!

Glass Truck Pop-Up Store

Tamara Mellon - Pop-up Activation


This holiday season, gift-givers are seeking unique shopping experiences. One-off shopping locations is a clear trend. These locations provide a fun, immersive experience beyond a typical brick and mortar store. However, this trend is magnified during the holiday season. A recent Retail TouchPoints study showed that 61% of shoppers list seasonal products as the main reason to shop at a pop-up store. AKA gift-giving is the #1 reason your potential customers are shopping pop-ups. That’s hard to argue reasoning.


Second, pop-ups shops can actually outperform standard, transactional shopping. For years, successful activations have led to increased buzz, social activity and PR coverage, but pop-ups are now more than a proven marketing tactic. Sales at mobile stores have started to outperform brick and mortar locations for some brands, as customers seek-out these shopping experiences. A trend that can’t be overlooked.

“Boston pop-up sales were “above expectations” and “three-fold what we do in our store.”

Victoria Thomson, Tamara Mellon’s CMO



The creative impact of a Vector activation really shines. But don’t take our word for it, check out our 2018 holiday partnership with Jaguar USA. Our Looking Glass product transformed into a mobile holiday window display, showcasing the stunning Jaguar E-Pace. The splashy display ran for 3 weeks in Manhattan, eliciting double-takes everywhere it went. 210,000+ media impressions weekly kind of impact. See Case Study.

Jaguar Looking Glass Bus


There’s many reasons to consider an experiential campaign this holiday season. Lucky for you, creating pop-up activations that move is our superpower. Reach out to our experiential team today to get started!