OOH Advertising in Las Vegas: 3 Tips from the Experts

Las Vegas, the City of Lights. No longer just the home of nightlife, Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing cities in America, turning into an even more impressive global entertainment powerhouse. Culinary capital, home to two new professional sports teams (Vegas Golden Knights of the NHL and soon to be Vegas Raiders of the NFL), and one of the hottest real estate markets in the US, the renaissance of Las Vegas is very real. 

All these factors make Las Vegas a unique opportunity for advertisers, both national and regional brands. Out-of-Home is one of the most popular forms of advertising in Las Vegas due to the available reach and scale. However, not all OOH campaigns are created equal. We’ve been leading outdoor advertising campaigns in Las Vegas for over a decade and have a few tips to make sure your next campaign makes a splash.


It’s no secret, there are tons of outdoor advertising opportunities right on The Strip. Advertising on The Strip is an unparalleled way to reach the 42 million people that visit Las Vegas every year. However, the city has grown substantially, offering entertainment far beyond Las Vegas Boulevard. All the while, the population of Las Vegas has grown to over 2 million locals, an audience that is most effectively reached away from tourist centers. 

We are strong believers in a media mix that connects both on and off the main tourist corridor in Las Vegas. Make sure to consider neighboring areas like Henderson, an area that is growing rapidly and often considered one of the best places to live in America. There are a number of ways to use OOH media to reach residents around Las Vegas, but one of our favorites is the use of bus shelters. This placement allows you to 1) advertise deep into neighborhoods where traditional out-of-home is zoned out, 2) efficiently scale your campaign to an outsized share of the metro population by advertising along core routes on and off The Strip, where many residents work, and 3) cherrypick locations that best fit your customer demographic or business location.

Bus shelter advertising Las Vegas



When advertising in Las Vegas, there is a ton of competition for audience attention. They don’t call it the city of lights for nothing. This means that large-format, high-impact advertisements will be key. Our favorite way to grab attention is media on the move, such as Double-Decker Buses and Streetcars. These formats grab and hold attention, with massive real estate, creative versatility, and street-level placement, which brings adverts down to the eye-level of viewers. Transit advertising has long been an effective method for reaching consumers at scale, but Las Vegas may be the very best market for these placements.

One such placement, The “Deuce,” makes 71 stops along Las Vegas Boulevard, impacting both sides of The Strip, and targeting every major hotel & casino including Mandalay Bay, the Wynn, Bellagio and MGM Grand.

Double Decker Bus Advertising Las Vegas



Of all things, the mobile device is perhaps most responsible for the renewed growth of Out-of-Home advertising, for a couple of reasons. 

First and foremost, Consumers hold a search engine and a mini POS system in their pockets 24/7, allowing for “real-time” research of products and services that they come across throughout their normal day. If a double-decker bus with an advertisement for the new Cirque du Soleil show catches someone’s interest, they can quickly pull up the website and purchase tickets on the spot. The same can be said for booking a table at a local restaurant, purchasing a new handbag, or considering their next vacation. As you plan your next OOH campaign, make sure you are considering how the audience will research your products on their devices, and optimize that mobile experience. A great mobile experience can convert prospects to customers much more quickly than ever before.


“OOH + Mobile Retargeting drove a 365% lift in visitation for quick-service restaurant chain.”
QSR Magazine, 2018 Study


Second, use the power of digital data to engage your customers after they view your OOH adverts. Mobile retargeting is one great option. Through geo-tagging, brands can capture individuals who have taken notice of impactful OOH placements, and use mobile display networks to drive home that creative after the fact. This one-two punch has proven effective, with a recent study of three quick-service restaurants showing that the brand using OOH + Mobile Retargeting drove a 365% lift in visitation when compared to consumers not exposed to the OOH + Mobile campaign.


Out-of-Home advertising is a great way for national and regional brands to reach the Las Vegas market. Make sure you research all of the available options before running your next OOH campaign. Reach out to the Vector Crew in Las Vegas for more information on available placements or strategic advice on what to consider. We’d love to help!