Amazon Built Custom Transit Shelters in Los Angeles


Amazon aimed to generate buzz around their latest Prime series, Fallout, which is based on a popular video game. Their goal was to engage a wide range of viewers, including avid television binge-watchers, fans of the original game, and individuals within the Los Angeles DMA. The team sought a campaign that would capture attention and captivate passersby.


Amazon amplified Transit Shelters and transformed them into captivating experiences for commuters and residents of Los Angeles, showcasing elements from the video game and details about the upcoming series. This unique setup generated significant excitement and discussion across the region. The visually appealing campaign led to a substantial number of social media impressions and heightened interest from consumers eager to watch the new show. Additionally, Amazon strategically selected Transit Shelter Dominations in specific locations to further enhance awareness of the series.



Los Angeles, CA


Organic Social Media Impressions


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