Reaching the Affluent Audience in the Hamptons


The Casamigos brand wanted to reach an affluent audience during the summer months and spread brand awareness at the same time. Through targeted marketing to those traveling to and from the Hamptons, they were hoping to increase brand recognition and revenue.


A fleet of Hampton Jitneys was fully branded by Casamigos during the peak summer months to reach the sought-after audience of Hamptonites and their lavish visitors. The Hampton Jitney offers a unique advertising solution, in the fact that they also are prominent in the bustling streets of NYC before reaching the quaint towns of the Hamptons, ensuring optimal targeting. Casamigos strategically chose the Jitney as they are the only advertising option between the Midtown Tunnel and the Hamptons. They were able to spread brand awareness quickly, efficiently and continue to be a brand that many will remember to purchase for a delicious drink!



Hamptons, New York